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Adalyser is an online platform offering all the tools needed to get up and running with TV advertising. From objective driven research and planning tools to unrivalled measurement capabilities, Adalyser has everything you need to research, plan, implement, measure and optimise your TV campaigns.

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All the bases covered

Learn from competitor brands, understand in detail which audiences, channels and programmes to target. Plan based on reach and frequency, measure campaign response, optimise outcomes and audit campaign effectiveness.

Whatever your requirements the Adalyser platform has it covered.

preview of research product with brand analysis and target audience features

Research & Plan

Locate your audiences and determine reach and frequency for hypothetical campaigns.

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preview of plan product with a number of target audiences

Measure & Optimise

Automated capture of schedule and response data coupled with industry leading linear and on demand attribution models identify under and over performing investments.

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preview of manage product with configuration of peak and off-peak times

Proven to save you time and spend


Offline monitoring of campaign performance in conjunction with alarms completely automates the process of campaign management.

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Seamless integration

Adalyser integrates all aspects of the TV advertising lifecycle. Campaigns can be researched and planned with ease. Schedules automatically loaded using Spot Sync. Performance measured using our tracking and attribution solutions and managed through our online portal.

Save time and effort with automation

Forget about manually collecting and collating schedule data and producing campaign dashboards. Adalyser automates everything from data collection to attribution to campaign management.

preview of measure product with chart displaying sessions and impacts by minute

Spot Sync

Adalyser is integrated with both CARIA and BARB and automates the loading and pricing of spot schedules. Spot Sync will price your spots daily and merge both CARIA (overnight spots) and BARB (consolidated spots) data in order to ensure the latest and most up to date view of your campaigns are available within Adalyser.

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preview of optimise product with regression uplift analysis statistical model

Adalyser Alarms

Specify your campaign targets amd let Adalyser automate your campaign management. Overnight delivery and performance targets of your campaign will be analysed and management reports made available the following day. Configure Adalyser Alarms to ensure you are alerted in real-time of delivery issues.

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Make informed decisions
With real-time feedback

Automated spot and response capture coupled with linear and on demand attribution models provide real-time campaign insights and optimisations.

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