The inside track on food delivery services and their TV advertising

Food delivery services burst onto the scene with a Silicon Valley swagger that was fuelled by venture capital investment. Since their launch, competition between the main players has been fierce. With their endless options and convenience of ordering a takeaway at the touch of a button, it’s no wonder that the market continues to increase and with it, so does competition. With a 'potential' addressable market of $1tn by 2023 and a marketing strategy focused on millennials, each is vying for market dominance. Nowhere is this battle more intense than on our TV screens.

So when you want to order a takeaway, what springs to mind? A catchy theme tune or doorbell dancing? Just Eat and Deliveroo compete for 5 stars in food quality, speed and variety, but who delivers the goods when it comes to TV impacts? In our first in a series of TV infographics, we look at how two food delivery titans squared up. Just Eat v Deliveroo analyses UK TV audience delivery data during January 2020.

From the infographics, it’s evident that one of the food delivery services comes up top… Did somebody say Just Eat?