Why Adalyser

Automated data collection removing the need for clients to handle and process raw data.

Industry leading cross channel attribution models incorporating dynamic baselines.

Unparalleled visualisation and reporting tools.

Calculate the benefit and optimise offline and online media spend.

Find out why Adalyser for TV.

Cross channel analytics solution providing precise and detailed insight to help optimise campaigns, generate better returns and reduce the reporting overhead.

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Adalyser event tracking tags automatically collect, clean and transform online visit and sale data.

Adalyser's data handling service will format and process any offline schedules removing the need for data manipulation. Automated collection of UK TV schedules and audiences via BARB.

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An unrivalled suite of open cross channel attribution models provides detailed insight into campaign performance in near real-time.

Chart building technology allow users to construct bespoke dashboards that can be shared instantly.

Analysis views including one and two dimensional matrices, hierachical reports and geographical maps collate and aggregate data to provide insight in the desired format.

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Attribute, visualise, report and optimise. Adalyser cuts through your data identifying good and bad investments.

Adalyser shows which advertising is performing best and how offline is affecting online, allowing you to make quick decisions about where to optimise spend to maximise your marketing impact.

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All the data, all the statistics - visualised and ready to export and share.

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Getting started with Adalyser couldn't be easier. Adalyser is accessed using your web browser and updated centrally, so there's no need for any software installation. A secure log-in and your business can benefit from using Adalyser immediately.

  • Easy to use
  • Cross media
  • Optimise spend
  • Data handling
  • Track performance
  • Planning insight


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