About Brand4mance.

Adalyser expands into the MENA Region by partnering with Choueiri Group’s Brand4mance.

Brand4mance can help TV speak the digital language by identifying the most effective channels, programmes, day parts, days of the week and creatives. This breakthrough innovation has evolved the power potential of TV by enabling advertisers to generate better quality leads, create higher purchase intent, bring in new users, increase active search, drive performance and aid in-brand health.

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The MENA Region's first integrated TV attribution performance product.

Brand4mance combines Adalyser’s industry leading attribution technology with the Middle East’s leading media representation brand. Brand4mance customers can now benefit from an integrated TV attribution modelling solution with the largest consumer reach in MENA.

Adalyser is the leading TV analytics software available on the market. Our secure, web-based platform measures and visualises the effectiveness of TV. It gives brands access to the facts and figures they need to manage their media in the most effective way, ensuring they are able to optimise spend and maximise impact.

Choueiri Group is a family owned business which has developed an architecture that successfully converts innovation to economic value. The Group enables brands to stay up- to-date with the latest in media and communications, by providing advertisers and consumers with unmatched media options. The company operates in 10 markets covering the MENA region, Europe, and Japan, and has over 40 years of experience within the information technology and communications industries.

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