A few words about Adalyser.

Adalyser is a global brand with a success story that spans the world. Ten of the top thirteen global media agencies use Adalyser.

Adalyser was created and brought to market by the team at OneSoon. This dynamic company has forty years of experience within the information technology and communication industries.

OneSoon provides bespoke software development and dedicated business applications. With their vision and expertise, the team at OneSoon has designed, developed and delivered solutions for Sun Microsystems, Barclays, BSkyB and Lufthansa.

Customers include suppliers, value-added resellers and intermediaries who deliver solutions to vertical markets such as transport, property, insurance, entertainment, healthcare, media and financial services.

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What our customers are saying ...

  • "An intrinsic part of our TV planning service." - The Response Team UK
  • "Adalyser offers many valuable insights that we use to deliver on client objectives." - Rocket Media NZ
  • "A must have piece of revolutionary software." - Guerillascope UK
  • "Very impressed by Adalyser's functionality and versatility." - Media Native UK
  • "Adalyser enables richer reporting allowing optimisation insights to be quickly put into action." - DSc NZ
  • "Historically, the production of reports was a slow, manual process that spanned almost two weeks of effort to format, QA and deliver to the client. Today, that process takes about an hour." - UM New York


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Over $3 billion worth of spend optimised for over 500 clients in 11 territories across 3 continents.